On-Site Appraisals

The popularity of collector cars has never been bigger. There are a wide range of selling methods like eBay® and other internet auction sites, and the recurring Barrett-Jackson® auctions that sometimes result in overly inflated prices. When insuring your collectible car, it can be confusing to determine the proper amount of coverage. We can help!

We are professionally trained to inspect/appraise cars and have access to tools through NADA®. We thoroughly review your car and provide you with documentation that can be submitted to your insurance company for coverage. After we spend from 60-90 minutes with your car, we compile a report with detailed information documenting the condition and market value of your car. The report will be delivered to you within a week of the car visit.

The appraisal and report is $175.00 for vehicles in the Twin Cities area.  Additional charges for mileage on appraisals outside of the Twin Cities area, to be determined when appointment is scheduled.

Remote Appraisals

We now perform Remote Appraisals! You complete our Appraisal Collection Form (right click – Save As) and send us pictures of your car and we will compile a report with information documenting the condition and the suggested value of your muscle or classic car. After reviewing pictures of your car and your Appraisal Collection Form, we will complete your appraisal and the report will be delivered to you within 7-10 days after payment receipt. The report is $125.00.

Please contact us to have your muscle or classic car professionally appraised through either method.

View a sample report!