N171EA Beech Model 45 T-34B Mentor – $350,000

This T-34B was recovered from the Dominican Republic in the late 90’s and restored by Chelcraft Aviation of Princeton MN in 2004.  There are 17 hours of FTT since the restoration was completed.



  • Engine:       TSIO 520 Continental
  • Rated 300 HP at 2800 RPM
  • Maximum Speed:       184 mph at sea level
  • Cruise Speed:       173 mph
  • WBMT:  2155      pounds
  • Use Full Load:       650 pounds
  • Maximum Take Off Weight:  2950 pounds
  • Wing Span:       32 feet 10 inches
  • Length:       25 feet 10 inches
  • Wing Area:       177.5 inches squared


History of Beech Aircraft

In 1948 Beech built a two-seat trainer evolved from the Vee-Tail civilian Bonanza.  It differed primarily by having tandem seating for pupil and instructor and by replacing the Vee-Tail with a conventional tail unit.  This Beech Model 45 Mentor flew for the first time on 12/2/1948.  The air track planners evaluated three YT-34’s.  Two of them contained the 205-hp continental E-185-8 engine and the other one contained the 225-hp continental E-225-8 engine.  Three years later the USAF selected the model 45 as its new primary trainer.  Under the designation T-34 Mentor, 450 aircraft were built for the US Air Force.  The US Navy evaluation of the model 45 began soon after the US Air Force had placed its initial contract.  The first ten units were built for the US Air Force and the next units were sent to the US Navy.


This T-34 Mentor (Bupers. No. 140677 Serial Number BG 11) was the eleventh T-34B the Navy received in June 1955.  It went to the Naval Air Station Unit VT-1 at Pensacola Florida.  Mentors served the Naval Training Control from 1954 to the late 70’s when T-34Cs were delivered and the B model was phased out.  Total number acquired by the US Navy was 423 and the number acquired by US Air Force was 450.